Simplebeamer Portable Mini LED Projector

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GP70UP Android 4.4 Mini LED Projector with Google Play Updated by GP70 Portable Projector 1G/8G Bluetooth WiFi TV Beamer


Simplebeamer Series model Using a simple Single-Liquid Crystal Panel, It contains an integrated LED light source and a glass lens with a simple Projection system, the Purpose is just for Video Play. The advantage is Portable Small Size, low brightness is their disadvantages… Children’s video market for Audiobooks and Entry-level home theater market, Meet the consumer Electronics Products Mainstream market, Multi-appearance, High Cost-effective Products, Ultra – low Prices.

Android 4.4 version
With HIFI level SRS stereo sound processing technology and containing SRS amplifier chip, its built-in stereo speakers with SRS Sound, SRS is currently the best sound technology.

Product design reference professional projector, with all the characteristics of the projector, standard USB / SD multimedia interface, can play multiple formats of video sources / Music / Pictures / E-BOOK, it contains a High Definition Multimedia Interface digital interface, as well as conventional audio and video interface, VGA for computers.

The most important is that they are designed very compact and portable, only palm-sized, so it supports playback of any format video files in any environment by connecting to a USB / SD / High Definition Multimedia Interface / VGA …

So the simplebeamer? Series is more suitable for small private home theater and video content play.
Optional digital TV module built in(DVBT or ATSC), DTV version can replace your LCD TV in the bedroom or living room, European regional support DVB-T,Americas Support ATSC. So we recommend that you choose digital TV version will be more suitable.

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