HIP TRAINER Intelligent Hip Trainer, Butt Toner


This electro-stimulator for the gluteal muscles has up to 15 levels of intensity that you can increase or decrease through the buttons that it carries.

The device also has automatic exercise cycles that can change the intensity of the exercise and stop when the exercise cycle is completed.

Miracles do not exist, to achieve a body 10 a healthy diet and exercise is essential. But there are also small tricks that can help to have a more defined and muscular body.

Muscle electro-stimulators are devices for the rehabilitation and training of muscles. The electrodes are placed in the area to work with reusable adhesives that make intermittent electrical impulses, these make the muscles contract in the same way as when we work them exercising.


– 15 intensity levels

– Reusable stickers

– Automatic exercise cycles

– 23 minutes long

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