Headset Avanca S1 Sports, In-ear, Bluetooth 3.0, black

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Wireless headset with Bluetooth 3.0. Extremely flexible and lightweight. Enjoy the high quality stereo sound while listening to music, audio coaching and answer incoming calls. Great for outdoor and sport activities. Specifications Properties Control pad Yes Wireless Yes Connection Bluetooth Microphone Yes Type of headphones Sports headsets Conference gear No Active sound insulation No

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Listening to your own music during your morning run or any other outdoor activity is wonderful. With this ultralight (17 grams) and flexible Bluetooth headset your workout gets even better!

The S1 headset is flexible but firm, so you can make it fit exactly to your needs. It can easily be adjusted to the shape of your head and ears, which makes this headset suitable for anyone and easy to fold and carry with you anywhere you go. You will maintain absolute freedom of movement and will not be bothered by a headset that slips of your head all the time. The earbuds of the S1 headset are carefully designed to rest comfortably inside your ears and to maximize the sound output.

No additional software is required to use this Bluetooth headset. Within seconds you connect your smartphone, iPod or any other MP3/MP4 player to the S1 headset, which uses the Bluetooth 3.0 technique, and you can start enjoying your favorite music. Traffic and city sounds are reduced to a minimum, so you can hear your music and digital audio coaching loud and clear. The S1 headset produces a warm stereo sound. Thanks to the broad frequency reach, you can listen to your favorite songs in HD, even when performing fast-paced activities such as running and cycling.

The S1 headset is easy to operate. The remarkably compact control panel in the right ear bud lets you skip songs, change the volume and answer incoming calls. The headset automatically switches from music to call mode when someone is trying to reach you. Just press the built in button on the right ear bud to answer the phone. The headset is equipped with a high quality microphone, so there is no need to take off the headset to answer your calls. Encryption keeps your calls completely safe within the entire 10 metres Bluetooth operating range and noise cancellation enables you to speak at a normal volume.

The headset offers up to 7 hours of speak time and 5 hours of non stop music. The screen of the connected Bluetooth device will inform you about the battery level of the headset. When the battery is low, you can recharge it in 1-2 hours with the included USB cable.

The S1 headset can be used with almost any Bluetooth device, including iPhone, iPod, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, HTC, Nokia, Sony and Huawei. Connect the headset to several devices if you are using multiple devices for outdoor activities or share the headset. You can easily switch between those devices.