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GOCLEVR DRIVE MIRROR is a revolution in thinking about travel safety. Now thanks to installing this innovative device in the car everyone can be certain that in case on an incident on the road, such as an accident, all circumstances will be known. A recording from two cameras (front and rear) may be a legitimate evidence in court or when claiming damages by the insurer. Our mirror is an ideal device to record incidents on the road. A high quality video and audio recording may be a strong evidence in case of an accident and when establishing the party responsible e.g. for a bump. Thanks to a front camera in the body of the mirror, your visibility is not restricted (you don’t have to stick extra devices to the windscreen). A wide, 140 degree, viewing angle with an additional option of adjusting the position of lens and HD quality (1280x720p) give the certainty that no detail of your journey escapes unnoticed. An innovative solution is using the second camera, which thanks to an elastic cable can be installed inside the car (near the rear window) or outside (near the registration plate). The rear camera has been additionally equipped with NIGHT Vision diodes which makes it possible to get perfect picture after dark or even in difficult weather conditions, such as rain.

DVR car mirror with two cameras
– Anti-reflex mirror coating which improves visibility after dark
– 4.3 inch display
– Built-in G-Sensor – motion sensor
– Parking mode – reversing camera with automatic switching
– Wide 140 degree angle with an option of setting the field of vision
– Loop recording
– Video definition 1280×720 P
– Auto power on/off
– 300 mAh battery
– SD card socket (maximum 32 GB)