Fast hair straightener Hair Brush , HQT-906

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This Hair Straightening Brush represents the latest in haircare technology. It gently straightens the most tangled of hair with a combination of gentle heat and anti-static generating Anions. Just a few minutes of gentle brushing will leave your hair straight and smooth. The silicon fingers on the brush are very gentle to your scalp and will provide a soothing massage while brushing your hair

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functions) = (Ceramic Iron Straightener De-tangling Brush Anion Hair Massage)

This is a new arrival fast heating hair
straightening tool with negative ions hair protection system. While the hair
straightener is working, some of the negative ions cover the hair surface, some
shifts into water when it touches air, offers hair a protection mask-ant.

How do
you use this hair straightener?

settings of this hair straightener achieve the effect of straight hair by
temperature setting. There are 11 temperature settings options. Every touch
gets 5? change .we recommend you always start at the
highest temperature setting and reduce the level of heat as your hair required.

1. For
thick hair, select higher temperature (210-230?)

2. For normal textured hair, select moderate temperature (190-210?)

3. For delicate, fine hair, you can select temperature (170-200?)

select low temperature will be slightly slower to make a hair style.

Boot– Press the power button 3 seconds, and
press 3 seconds off

straightener instructions:

1. Keep the hair clean and neatly combed please before use.

2. Use the plug into the appropriate socket keeps electricity well.

3. First switched on the set temperature, such as heated to the
desired temperature.

4. During use, you only need one hand to pull hair end, with the Super-Fast

5. If you exercise straightener more lasting effect, it must meet
styling hair lotions and softeners.

6. Please don?t put too much hair, if put more, in the control
process it will slow down the speed, the effect is obvious

7. This product is a one-hour auto-off function, if you can reboot.

8. Thick dense hair generally choose a higher temperature 210-230
degrees Celsius

9. More generally, hair hanging in the temperature 210-190 degrees.

10. Comparison the fine hair select-able temperature 200-170, and choose
low temperature above a perm molding may be slightly slower.

11. Please use the power button to power on hold for 3 seconds to
boot, press 3 seconds off. Super-Fast Straightener uses a different direction,
for personal use, with the personal habits…

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