Asylumless Cyclonic without bag Aspirator BN3566 500W

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Discover what a powerful vacuum cleaner can do for you: not only get a quick and effective cleaning of your home, but also offer you as much free time as possible so you can spend a wonderful day with your family and completely forget about the housework.
With the vacuum cleaner Aspilite BN3566 you will have the house clean instantly thanks to its powerful suction capacity and its specific water filtering, wet and dry motors. Its cyclonic cleaning system effectively removes dirt from all surfaces, whether on furniture, fabrics or floors.
It presents a light and practical design and includes 3 different heads and an extendable telescopic tube so you can perform a thorough cleaning with greater comfort and access to the most difficult corners of the house, especially at the corners.
This type of vacuum cleaner is perfect for people with allergies because it has a washable HEPA filter that captures 99% of allergens and bacteria. In this way, you will achieve the highest level of hygiene for you and your family.

Other specifications:
– Low noise
– Double use of hand and in vertical position
– 4.5 meter cable
– 500 W of power

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1 Asylumless Cyclonic Aspirator BN3566 500W